Thursday 21 January 2021

Getting things done - Riverside Approach #dundeewestend

As residents will be aware, the recent further consultation on a 'modal filter' at Riverside Approach that woudl have seen a temporary one-way arrangement as part of Spaces for People during the COVID-19 health emergency, resulted in a majority against so it will not go ahead.

I previously asked for some 'local traffic only' or similar signage to be provided to discourage non-local traffic and HGVs and am pleased this has been agreed to.

I also asked that the City Council revisits the idea of a pedestrian crossing on Riverside Approach between the Roseangle playpark and Magdalen Green and the Head of Sustainable Transport & Roads has responded helpfully as follows :

"With regard to the pedestrian crossing proposal, this has been reviewed by our Traffic Team pre-Covid and the pedestrian counts didn't meet the levels required for change to the current arrangement. 

Post Covid the pedestrian counts may be significantly different and we will review this location once the pandemic has concluded and future travel patterns have stabilised."