Sunday 22 March 2020

COVID 19 emergency - Xplore Dundee bus service changes #dundeewestend

Further to the information I shared yesterday on my Facebook page about changes to Stagecoach Bus Services.   

This is the position regarding Xplore Dundee from tomorrow with links to the Xplore services in the West End.

Xplore Dundee advises :

“Due to the decision to close city schools, we are temporarily reducing service provision to public holiday levels. This will apply from Monday 23rd March.    Xplore Dundee is committed to doing its part to keep essential workers moving - those in hospitals, supermarkets and other frontline services. 

Frequencies on core services will reduce during the day, but most morning journeys will be maintained to ensure vital access to locations such as Ninewells Hospital.    Services 4 | 23 will be temporarily suspended - but we are in discussion with Dundee City Council about alternative provision in the meantime.*

We may move to further restrictions soon after this as things progress. We will keep this website and social media channels updated.”

* I have asked Dundee City Council for details of what can be provided to support the Service 4 route

Links to public holiday timetables that are for services that cover the West End :

Services 5 | 9/10 - 

Service 17 - 

Service 22 - 

Services 28/29 - 

Updates from Xplore Dundee are posted at

Suzy Scott has kindly done a great job on the site of putting together comprehensive information on all bus services during the health emergency – see 

See also below from Suzy :