Friday, 28 February 2020

Great news from West End Tennis Club! #dundeewestend

Last year, I was asked by the West End Tennis Club to write a letter of support for its fundraising effort to resurface the courts and to make them accessible to wheelchair users.

I was delighted to do so as the club is an excellent community sports facility in the West End.

The lifespan of the current court surface is now ending, and the resurfacing is much needed.    It would also ensure that wheelchair users can enjoy the benefits of the club.

I was therefore delighted to be advised by the club recently that the fundraising effort has paid off! 

All the funds are now in place, after a generous donation from the Fife Environment Trust, and there is now a start date for the work of 13th April.

Well done to all at the club for the fundraising effort and many thanks to all the donors.