Thursday 11 July 2019

Getting things done - Riverside Drive #dundeewestend

Following concerns recently from residents about flooding on the rail bridge south of the Botanic Garden/Vernonholme on Riverside Drive, I raised the matter with the City Council and have received the following feedback from the environment supervisor in Neighbourhood Services :

"I checked the bridge ... the drains are currently running clear and the road leading down to the bridge is also clear of any build up of detritus apart from half a dozen pine cones. 

The bridge itself and the road leading down to Riverside does have a severe build up of detritus.   This is due to the bridge having a 3.2 tonne weight limit.   We are unable to cross over it with our sweeper which is a 5 tonne vehicle."

However, the Roads Maintenance Partnership has promised to monitor during rain and for build-up of debris.