Tuesday 25 June 2019

Getting things done - Saggar Street #dundeewestend

Following complaints from residents about the poor road surface in parts of Saggar Street some weeks ago, the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership promised a thorough annual inspection and any resultant repairs was due in the near future.

I have since been advised :

"The annual inspection of Saggar Street will take place late June/early July.

However an order has been raised for pothole repairs to be done until the inspection takes place and the planer patching is identified."

Additionally, at the request of residents, I asked the council to consider the provision of "yellow box" markings on City Road at the Saggar Street junction, given the difficulties drivers have exiting Saggar Street at rush hour.

The council's Team Leader in the Network Management Team has updated me as follows and I welcome the promised assessment :

"My initial assessment and observations are that the City Road junction with Saggar Street which is a no through road would not require a Yellow Box Junction markings.

Not all junctions are suitable for the box markings and a traffic survey should be carried out to determine the extent of the problem. We will arrange for this junction to be assessed for the suitability.

Factors which influence a decision to provide box markings are the junction should preferably though not necessarily be controlled by signals. This would cause more delays with the difference in flows and the close proximity of the City Road /Tullideph signalised junction."