Thursday 13 June 2019

Getting things done - Saggar Street #dundeewestend

At the most recent meeting of the Community Spirit Action Group, the residents' group for the north of the West End Ward, concern was expressed at the damage to the council owned wall at the bottom of Saggar Street - see below :

I raised this with the City Council and have now been updated as follows by the Tenancy and Estates Team Leader:

"To help get this fixed, I asked one of the Tenancy Assistants to investigate and report back which he has now done. On inspection, he agreed the walls needs repaired, and in the interim, did what he could to make it safe. 

In addition, he has logged a job for the wall to be rebuilt, the coping stone replaced and any rubble to be removed. The target date for the work is 27th June, but he has asked the Repairs Manager to assign the work as soon as possible."