Thursday 15 November 2018

Cappuccino Concert at the Wighton Heritage Centre

From Sheena Wellington :

Saturday 17th November at 11am (doors open 10.30am) at the Wighton Heritage Centre in the Central Library brings us the wonderful songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alan Reid.  
Founder member and mainstay of the internationally renowned Battlefield Band for more than 40 years, Alan was the first to use keyboards as an integral part of a traditional folk band. The depth of his melodic playing and punctuated rhythms have so defined Celtic music that his influence can be heard in many of today's younger generation of Celtic musicians.

Alan is also a prolific and fluid songwriter, his compositions full of imagery and stories of common folk and historical figures as well. As interesting and moving as the stories are, his musical compositions leave the listener with a strong, memorable and very singable melody.

Alan has a busy touring schedule, with stints in the USA, Germany and Australia in the past few months, so we are highly delighted that we can welcome him again.