Friday, 13 January 2017

Standing Up 4 Sitting Down

A West End constituent has kindly highlighted this great campaign with me :

Charity Anchor is “Standing Up 4 Sitting Down” as it calls on shops to do their bit to reduce older people’s loneliness and subsequent health issues by providing seating for those who need it. 

The new campaign aims to tackle findings that older people aren’t getting out of the house as much as they’d like to, with one in five aged 70+ visiting their local shops less often, specifically because of a lack of seating.

Boosting the economy, too, providing seating would help unlock up to £3.8 billion that is currently being lost on the high street each year due to a lack of accessibility for many older people. 

If you would like to support Standing Up 4 Sitting Down, visit, call 0800 731 2020, or follow on Twitter using #su4sd.