Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blackness Road road surface - an update

On behalf of residents, I recently raised with Dundee City Council the state of parts of the roadway of Blackness Road, which are very worn - see one example - right :

The council's Roads Maintenance Partnership has now responded as follows :

"An inspection has been carried out and although there are areas of wear at various places on Blackness Road including those highlighted in the photos you attached, there is nothing actionable at these locations. 

Blackness Road from Glenagnes Road to Glamis Road is provisionally included in the 2018-2019 Carriageway Surfacing Programme. In the meantime any actionable defects noted will be repaired to ensure safety is maintained."

I have responded saying "... given the deterioration I would be grateful if the 2018-2019 Carriageway Surfacing Programme could be reviewed and brought forward" - and I will continue to press that point as the road surface does require improvement.