Monday, 8 February 2016

Union Place car park

As residents know all too well, getting parked in the Union Place car park car be a challenge (as can parking on-street nearby or in the Pennycook Lane car park) given the large demand for parking in the area.    

A resident contacted me recently to suggest the possible removal of the unattractive flower beds (see right) in the car park to create more parking spaces.

I asked the parking team at the council about the viability of this and have received the following response.

"I refer to your email to look into the possibility of removing the large and rather ugly flower bed in the Union Place car park - the quote for this work has now been received from Tayside Contracts and the price is £11,257.

Unfortunately there is no budget available for this 'project' in the current financial year and it is unlikely that this would be deemed a priority for future year spends.

I'll place it on file should budget funding be made available in future years."