Saturday, 6 February 2016

Glamis Road area - pedestrian safety

Back in 2014, at my request on behalf of constituents, the City Council provided a central refuge island on Glamis Road just north of the roundabout with Blackness Road/Glamis Drive to assist pedestrian safety.

Given the width of Glamis Road, I have since had requests for similar safety measures south of the roundabout and also towards the south end of the road, near its junction with Perth Road (see latter - right).

I raised this with the City Council and have been advised as follows :

"Glamis Road / Perth Road junction and Glamis Road / Blackness Road roundabout has been inspected and there is justification for central refuge traffic islands to be provided at these locations.

However due to the proposed budget cuts I am awaiting confirmation of the budgets for 2016/17 minor works.

With the likely budget cuts this scheme will have to compete with other minor works from the available budgets.

We will have to evaluate all schemes before confirming the works programme."

I will continue to press for these to be provided as soon as funding is available.