Thursday, 4 June 2015

HOPE - Helping Older People Engage

This new project is being introduced in this month.

It aims to assist elderly residents in the community that have no support in place or just have a community alarm.  

The residents may be socially isolated and might be interested in joining some of the activities at sheltered complexes near to where they live.    There may be a small charge to pay for activities depending what it is but that's only where the sheltered tenants would have a charge too.   

There is however no cost for the support service.

It is a partnership between the following Housing Associations - Caledonia, Home Scotland, Abertay and Sanctuary.   They have received Integrated Care Funding for about 18 hours a week each for four support workers for their respective areas. 

The West End is the area where Home Scotland is taking the lead (Sanctuary will cover the Lochee/Downfield area, Abertay will cover Fintry to Dura Street and Caledonia the Broughty Ferry area) - hopefully this way all areas of the city will have coverage.

It is an excellent initiative and I am very pleased it is being launched as it has the potential to help many elderly folk in Dundee - please see poster for further details :