Monday, 13 April 2015

Hillside Terrace - road condition

On behalf of residents, I recently raised the deteriorating condition of Hillside Terrace's roadway with the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership and asked if there could be some immediate patching of the worst-conditioned parts but also if the council could consider full resurfacing of the roadway this financial year.

I am pleased to say I have had the following positive response from the Roads Maintenance Partnership :

"This street is classified as having a maintenance hierarchy 4b carriageway which means it receives a formal safety inspection every 32 weeks, it was inspected in mid January and no actionable potholes were identified.  However, a small area of patching was identified for inclusion in a future patching programme.  I have arranged for this street to be inspected today and one number actionable pothole was identified which will be repaired as a Cat 3 within a target of 28 days.

Hillside Terrace is recommended for inclusion in the 2015 carriageway resurfacing programme which has been prepared and issued for review and comment to Senior Management."