Friday, 13 March 2015

Unadopted footways programme : Eton Street

Eton Street appears on the unadopted footways list for future adoption.   Residents have queried with me why it has low priority and, on looking at the scoring for the street (in terms of the scheme's scoring priority), I was surprised at its low points for age of housing.

I raised this with the City Engineer and am now pleased to advise of his helpful response :

"I can confirm that 6 points is given to streets where the majority of housing is built between 1940 and 1965. 

The scoring system for Age of Housing is as follows:

Pre-1919 - 12 points
1920-1939 - 9 points
1940-1965 - 6 points
1966-Present Day - 3 points 
No Houses - 0 points

Please note that the Age of Housing score is given for the majority of houses and that one or two houses built before the assessed time period in a street is not considered sufficient justification for a higher point score.

We have however reviewed the Age of Housing in Eton Street and noted from historic maps that 9 houses out of 15 were built pre-1940 (from 1937/38 Town Plans). Given that, we will increase the Age of Housing score to 9 for Eton Street and include it in the current reassessment of the Priority List."