Friday, 15 November 2013

Victoria Park Tennis Courts - an update

Back in July, I gave an update on planned improvements for the Victoria Park Tennis Courts (pictured right).

I recently asked for progress towards the improved playing surface and a senior manager in the Environment Department has advised:

"At this stage we have still to finalise the priority noting we are working with Tennis Scotland with Dawson Park which is next in line (noting that there is an external funding application in for this).

I will keep Victoria in mind ... I would envisage that we would remove the current surface and lay down permeable tarmac to the same specification as laid down earlier this year at South Road and Fairmuir Park. 

This is what is recommended by Tennis Scotland and has proved to be a big hit (excuse the pun) for recreational tennis and is easier to maintain."

I will continue to pursue this matter on behalf of constituents as playing surface improvements are really needed at the Victoria Park Tennis Courts.