Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Daft name for West End roundabout ...

As reported in last night's "Evening Telegraph", I have criticised the council’s naming of a roundabout “Invergowrie Roundabout” despite the fact that the roundabout is nearly a mile from Invergowrie.

As part of the sponsorship of roundabouts in the city, the roundabout at the south end of Ninewells Avenue at its junction with Perth Road has been named “Invergowrie Roundabout.”   It has been sponsored by leading local company WL Gore.

I am all in favour of sponsorship of Dundee’s roundabouts as this brings in income to keep them in a well-maintained condition but the name of this roundabout is plain daft and misleading.  It is the best part of a mile east of the council boundary with Invergowrie and the name can only serve to confuse visitors.

I suspect the rationale was that the roundabout is near Invergowrie Drive, Dundee, but that street does not join this roundabout.    ‘Clayhills Roundabout’ would have made far more appropriate name – it is very close to Clayhills Grove and Clayhills Drive.   

I have asked the council to change the name to something more appropriate.