Thursday, 19 September 2013

Welcome for pedestrian safety improvement on Riverside Drive

Road markings for new crossing are already in place
As reported in yesterday's "Courier", I have welcomed the provision of a new pedestrian crossing on Riverside Drive that will allow for safer passage for pedestrians crossing the road at the Riverside Drive playing fields.

I have campaigned for safer crossing for pedestrians on Riverside Drive for a long time so it is great to see this new toucan pedestrian crossing being provided that will be sited across the road near to the Riverside Pavilion to the north and the Bridgeview Station Restaurant to the south.

The lower speed limit that was introduced some months ago has made the provision of further pedestrian crossings on Riverside Drive and Riverside Avenue now possible and it is fitting that the first site for new provision will be at the playing fields site as it has a steady flow of pedestrians who can have a real challenge trying to cross this very busy section of road.    

As the Secretary of the West End Community and Sports Hub, I have no doubt that this crossing will be of great benefit to all sports participants who use the playing fields and also to the public generally.

The City Council’s Head of Transportation has advised me :

“The preparatory civil engineering works have been ongoing for past two weeks and are now substantially complete.  Traffic signal equipment installation will be undertaken over the next few days, followed by final testing and commissioning.  All being well the Toucan crossing should be operational late this week or early next week.”