Monday, 22 April 2013

Tonight's City Council meetings

At tonight's City Council committee meetings, I spoke about the following:

* Education Committee :   I welcomed a really positive initiative for school and family development workers.

* Environment Committee :  I sought assurances that new electric vehicle charging units will be available for public use as well as for council vehicles.

* Policy and Resources Committee :   I queried why the Al-Maktoum Foundation is not being given discretionary rates relief and commented that 25+ years after Tayside Regional Council had adopted its policy on rates relief (subsequently carried forward by Dundee City Council), it was perhaps time for an officer-led review of rates relief policy.   I am pleased this was agreed to.

* City Development Committee :    I welcomed the proposed City Council Tourism Action Plan and was given assurances that the wider West End would be promoted in addition to the Cultural Quarter.   I also welcomed the draft site planning brief for Queen Victoria Works and Regent Works.    I have long campaigned for action at Queen Victoria Works and the site planning brief is a good step forward.    I am meeting with adjacent Pleasance Court residents tomorrow and will discuss the draft planning brief with them.

Also, at City Development Committee, I spoke about the outcomes of the West End parking consultation exercise.    As I previously indicated, I feel there are actions that the council should now take to help the parking situation and therefore proposed an addition to the report to:

“... remit the Director of City Development to undertake a review of all waiting restrictions in the West End area of the City and to report back to the Committee in early course with his views regarding any additional parking space which could be achieved by removing any current waiting restrictions which are no longer appropriate or necessary.”

I am pleased to say this was agreed by committee and I am keen to see positive action to improve parking, whilst recognising that an £80 a year residents' permit scheme is not going to happen.