Tuesday 10 January 2012

West End Community Council update for January

I have today launched my update to the January meeting of West End Community Council that takes place tonight at 7pm at Logie St John's (Cross) Chruch Hall in Shaftesbury Terrace - all residents welcome.

The update covers the following issues :

  • Kite Flying Concern near Dundee Airport

  • Walkway on Riverside Drive

  • Former McCheyne Memorial Church

  • Park and Ride Proposals – an update   

  • On the kite flying concern, the Dundee Airport Manager has contacted me recently about his concerns regarding the flying of kites in the flight path near to the airport.

    The number of incidents is low but there was an incident at the beginning of December involving a kite surfer that was a source of some concern to the airport.   Derrick Lang, the airport manager, is keen that the concern is highlighted to emphasise the point that kites should not be flown near the airport.    

    He adds, “We have reviewed the signage in the east side of the area and is adequate but we have no signage at the nature park area, which would be an obvious choice for someone flying a kite.”    

    I have therefore raised the signage matter with the City Council.    Safety in the vicinity of the airport is vital.

    You can download the update by clicking on the headline above or by going to http://tinyurl.com/weccJan2012.