Friday 6 January 2012

Walkway on Riverside Drive

I have received concerns from residents about the state of the walkway from the railway station to Tesco Riverside, much of which is claustrophobic given the concrete barriers that Network Rail insist upon being in place as the adjacent roadway runs in parallel to the rail station concourse.

In November, the Director of City Development advised me that :

"We currently have plans with Network Rail to extend the Riverside layby as part of the rail station refurbishment/upgrade.  This will require the removal of a section of the containment barrier. We have proposed the barrier be removed, or reduced to the minimum possible requirement.  If successful, we are considering if we could extend this approach as far as the Tesco roundabout (subject to available funding).

In addition, to improve our position with regards to safety, (we are) assessing the potential to reduce the speed limit from the Tesco goods entrance to Discovery Point to 30mph (currently 40mph)."

City Council officials are meeting with Network Rail on this matter and I have asked to be kept updated on developments.