Friday 18 November 2011

West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting

Last night, after my weekly surgery at Blackness Primary School, I attended the latest meeting of the West End Local Community Planning Partnership, taking place at the Tartan Coffee House on Perth Road.

It was a lengthy but very productive meeting at which there were presentations on Dundee West park and ride and on the Community Carbon Exchange.   The Community Carbon Exchange has operated successfully in the Coldside and Maryfield and an extension of activity to the West End will be welcome.

The new draft local community plan for the West End was agreed, the success of the local Fire and Rescue service in minimising fires during the period around Bonfire Night was applauded, as was work of local police services in protecting the local area.   

We also discussed derelict buildings locally that blight the area and my suggestion of the council again having a Derelict Land Working Group to tackle the issue, as well as a number of other West End issues.