Friday, 6 August 2010

Perth Road - crossing concern

Yesterday I met a constituent about the crossing on Perth Road west of the Riverside Drive junction. He made a very sensible point about the crossing and I have written to the council in the following terms :

"A constituent called me about the crossing point here (between two bollards & clearly marked as such for cyclists crossing as well) – the problem being that although there are SLOW markings on the Perth Road coming east, there is nothing to alter drivers coming up Riverside Drive (past the Botanic Garden) then swinging west into Perth Road that 2-3 seconds after turning they are faced with pedestrians crossing.

I went along with my constituent on-site and he absolutely has a point – cars come swinging round the corner and its very difficult to get across safely particularly in the morning rush hour (Lots of cars going to Ninewells go that way).

Can some SLOW markings on the road be made? Many thanks."