Thursday, 22 May 2008

Thursday Updates ...

A very productive site visit at the Benvie Road steps this morning. It had been previously agreed to upgrade the steps and I met with the Waste Management and Planning & Transportation Departments to look at the issues and agree solutions.
Agreed :

  • Waste Management to remove paint on the steps and remove weeds, etc. As you can see below (photo I took just before my 5pm surgery at Mitchell Street) the work was started straight away.
  • Planning & Transportation to re-point the steps and remove any trip hazards (see above right)
  • I am writing to the adjacent owners about the fallen fencing to the west (see above left) - the City Council will remove the exisiting damaged fencing - but I have asked the owners to provide replacement fencing.
  • I have asked Waste Management to provide paint to remove the last of the graffiti to the east of the steps (most already removed by the department, following my request) - I have also asked the Rapid Response Team to remove the fallen fencing to the west of the steps.

Later this morning, I visited Barnetts Motors on Riverside Drive to see their recent improvements - very impressive - and pleased that Barnetts has kindly agreed to sponsor the team strips and track suits for the new West End Under 10s football team.

Lastly, the Dundee Forum (click on headline to view) asked if I'd like to participate and, having agreed, the West End Forum is now arranged. A number of my City Council colleagues are also participating - The Ferry Ward, Coldside Ward, East End Ward and Maryfield Ward thus far.