Friday 5 July 2024

Postal deliveries - Blackness Road #dundeewestend

Following concerns from residents about the regularity of postal deliveries in the eastern part of Blackness Road, we contacted Royal Mail regarding this.

Royal Mail's Senior Public Affairs Manager has responded as follows :

"Thank you for your recent communication regarding mail deliveries Blackness Road in your constituency served by Dundee Central Delivery Office. I am sorry for the concern caused.

I have made some enquiries with the Customer Operations Manager for Dundee Central Delivery Office and can confirm there are currently no known issues with the delivery of mail to Blackness Road. The Manager confirms that mail deliveries to Blackness Road are taking place six days a week, when mail is available to deliver. Should a delivery round not be completed on a particular day. It will become the priority the following working day.

Unfortunately, mail items sent First or Second Class standard post are not tracked as they travel through the postal network. We therefore would be unable to make any meaningful enquiries to understand why certain items posted to your constituent may not have been delivered. I am very sorry. 

I would like to give you my assurance that quality of services is paramount importance to Royal Mail and we are constantly striving to ensure that our customers receive and excellent level of service."

We would be pleased to hear from any resident in the West End with concerns about mail deliveries and we will raise any further issues with Royal Mail management.