Friday 7 June 2024

Getting things done - Annfield Street #dundeewestend

Along the south side of Annfield Street, traditionally there have been four benches  but unfortunately although two are still in usable condition, one is badly damaged [see photo] and another is now completely missing.

We raised this with our local environment manager following residents highlighting this with us and have received the following helpful response :

"Presently there are currently three benches in situ within Annfield Street.   I have made several enquiries with regards to the missing bench at the Annfield Road end to determine the reason for removal. I can only assume at this time that the bench was removed due to damage and disrepair.

I have submitted a request to our Construction Services colleagues for replacement wooden slats to be fitted to the bench with rotten seating slats.

The eastern end of Annfield Street I am assuming ... is the location of the missing bench.   There are vehicles parking at this location.   Presently I am sourcing a suitable reconditioned / recycled bench that can be installed here for resident/public use and once installed this will prevent vehicles parking (on the pavement)."