Friday 26 April 2024

Getting things done - Sinderins seating area #dundeewestend

We recently slammed graffiti vandalism of a newly upgraded seating area at Sinderins which was not long completed.

Graffiti was sprayed on a new ‘chess board’ outdoor games table at the “Sinderins triangle” and on other street furniture which had been recently upgraded by Dundee City Council with new seating and planters as part of a number of environmental improvements in the Perth Road shopping centre, which also included an upgrade at the Miller’s Wynd Car Park and new planter and seating at Pennycook Lane in front of the Ryehill Police Station.

Residents have commented very favourably on the improvements at the Sinderins seating area that removed old poor-conditioned seating and planters from the 1980s and upgraded the area.

It is not long completed so very disappointing to see such mindless graffiti vandalism take place. We sought a clean-up by the council’s environment team and, although the graffiti will be removed, it is infuriating to see this sort of vandalism and there is of course a cost to the public purse having it removed.

The area is covered by CCTV and we hope that will deter vandalism in the future.

Our local environment manager has updated us as follows :

"Our graffiti removal team is going to visit the area as soon as possible and attempt to remove the graffiti from the newly installed public furniture/chess board."

We are pleased to advise that the graffiti was removed by the City Council yesterday.