Tuesday 8 August 2023

Ninewells Hospital - swimming pool #dundeewestend

Until the COVID pandemic arrived, Ninewells Hospital operated a swimming pool for patients, staff and public use.

It has never reopened since the pandemic period, which seems a waste of a facility.

We contacted NHS Tayside asking if re-opening it was a possibility and received this rather disappointing response from the NHS Tayside Head of Soft Facilities :

"A full assessment of this facility has identified that there is an extensive amount of investment required to bring this pool up to current health and safety standards.

NHS Tayside continues to prioritise capital investment informed by an assessment of the risks. The core capital formula allocation 2023/24 will be utilised to address key priorities including backlog maintenance and statutory compliance, and essential medical and non-medical equipment replacement.

I will continue to evaluate the financial implications of carrying out the extensive works required for the pool, in comparison to other maintenance needs for patient facilities. This must be done before any consideration will be made regarding the reopening of the pool.

The continuous evolving priorities in relation to supporting patient care and the current financial climate means that I am not in a position to confirm any potential investment for Ninewells Swimming Pool."

During a recent visit to NHS Tayside, Fraser was shown round the swimming pool and changing rooms.   There is no doubt that the point made above about extensive work is correct, but we would hope that, in time, a positive use can be found for the facility.