Sunday 16 July 2023

Highland Cattle at Riverside Nature Park #dundeewestend

Residents will be aware that the last two Highland Cattle at Riverside Nature Park sadly passed away last year.

As reported in the Evening Telegraph and the Courier last week, we recently asked both the council and Leisure & Culture Dundee for an update on their position about having new Highland Cattle at Riverside. 

The responses are below :

1 – From the Head of Environment, Dundee City Council :

‘I can advise that Neighbourhood Services does not have an available budget to source or manage Highland Cattle on an ongoing basis at Riverside.

I have asked a colleague to discuss with colleagues within Leisure & Culture Dundee to establish if they have scope to commit resources towards Highland Cattle at this location.’

2- From the Interim Head of Operations, Leisure and Culture Dundee :

‘Unfortunately, you will be aware of the budget challenges facing LACD, with DCC currently underwriting the budget shortfall during Olympia's closure. We are therefore unable to commit the on-going resource that would be required to support the return of Highland cattle to Riverside.

To give some context to the resources required beyond the initial outlay of purchase, the cattle would require supplementary food in the winter months, regular hoof trimming, and, under DEFRA guidance, are required to be checked at least once a day. There are also likely to be additional veterinary costs over the duration of the cattles’ lives for which there is no budget.

I am sorry that my response can't be more positive.’

We are very disappointed by the responses from both Leisure and Culture Dundee and the City Council as we are sure residents will be and we will continue to pursue this.