Friday 28 April 2023

Getting things done - Oxford Street and Eton Street #dundeewestend

Residents have raised the issue of the missing goal posts at the Oxford Street/Eton Street grass area.   The former ones are pictured below.

We raised this with the City Council and have received helpful feedback as follows from our local environment manager :

"I am aware that the eleven a side goals were removed from this location some time ago and that this site is no longer a bookable and useable eleven a side pitch for association football matches. 

However, I have discussed this site with colleagues to provide a suitable “kick about area” for local children by installing a smaller football area for use, although this will be an unmarked pitch.

We have provisional plans to install / form the smaller football area using smaller seven a side sized goals. I have no provisional timeframe for the installation at this time but we are progressing towards this. 

Please leave this with me and I will provide you with an additional update as soon as possible."