Wednesday 31 March 2021

Bus timetables concern - an update #dundeewestend

Last year, I highlighted that residents have pointed out that, although real time bus information is working at bus shelters, paper timetables have been out of date since the bus companies altered bus services temporarily at the start of the COVID-19 the health emergency.

Whilst appreciating there needed to be the return to normal services and stability in timetables before new and correct timetables could be placed at every bus stop, I got assurances that erroneous, out of date information would be removed meantime.

With the Xplore Dundee recent bus services review having taken place at the start of 2021, I asked the Sustainable Transport team at the council for an update and have been advised by a Transport Officer as follows :

“Xplore Dundee is amending its service provision again from 12th April.    Therefore ‘at stop’ timetables will not be erected at this stage until we are sure that the service provision is stable.

I have been in contact with the bus operators and are in the process of providing an at stop notice which will be erected at bus stops directing passengers to websites and phone numbers for any information regarding bus services.   These, I am hopeful will be designed, printed and erected within the next few weeks.”