Friday 13 November 2020

Bike rack provision in the West End #dundeewestend

Towards the end of last year, the City Council's Outdoor Access Officer discussed possible improvements to bike racks provision in Perth Road and Blackness Road, something many local residents have said would assist local cyclists.

Sites were discussed and agreed but, meantime, the health emergency rather got in the way of these being installed.

I recently asked the Outdoor Access Officer for an update and have received the following positive response :

"I was in touch with the contractor about a week ago, and he was intending to get the racks installed this month.  

You will remember this will install one stand at the Spar, one at the front of Sainsbury's and a rack of 4 stands at the library on the Perth Road. There was also a stand to go in near the Chemists at Blackness Road.

I hope this helps at the locations your constituent visits.

As you say the main delay to these being installed was the Covid-19 situation."