Wednesday 7 October 2020

West End Community Council - election of additional community councillors

West End Community Council is calling for nominations for new Community Councillors as there are spaces to fill.  West End Community Council has space for up to 10 more Community Councillors.

In order to fill these spaces, there will be a recruitment period known formally as an 'election' where we call for nominations to join the Community Council. 

Community Councils play an important role in the local West End community and are an important link between the community and public bodies.      

It is important to note that West End Community Council's boundary does not cover the whole of the West End Ward as the Community Spirit Action  Group covers areas like Pentland, Tullideph, Ancrim and areas around Forest Park Road, Cleghorn Street and Brook Street - the areas to the north of the ward.

The community council area is therefore most of the south of the ward - roughly everything south of Blackness Road east of Balgay Road, everything in the ward west of Balgay Road, plus the Logie area.

There are also conditions for eligibility in terms of age and being on the electoral register - all this information can be accessed online or in Blackness Library. 

As this is a statutory group, there is a  process and publicity format for nominations which started from this Monday (5th October) and forms must be completed and returned by 30th October.  

More information is on the poster on how to obtain the information required online or via Blackness Library. 

The community council is a great way to become involved with our local community so do please consider getting involved if you live in the community council area.