Friday 22 May 2020

Roads and pavements improvements in the West End #dundeewestend

Today, the council is publishing its proposals for roads and pavements improvements planned for this financial year across the city.     Obviously with the health emergency situation, emergency road work is prioritised at present so much of the planned resurfacing work may be later in the financial year.   However, it is good that the council’s Roads Maintenance Partnership is making clear what it plans to upgrade and improve during 2020/21.

The following roads work in the West End is in the carriageway programme :   Glamis Drive (resurface), Greenbank Place (resurface),  Newhall Gardens (main loop – surface dress), Ninewells Avenue (Perth Road to Dickson Avenue - surface dress), Seafield Road (resurface), Tullideph Street (resurface) and West Hendersons Wynd (Guthrie Street to Verdant Works – overlay).   Many of these I have raised repeatedly so pleased these are coming forward for improvement.

The following adopted pavements will also see improvements :    Roseangle (north side whole length - resurface) and West Marketgait (west side - Nethergate to West Port roundabout – resurface).

Unadopted pavements – upgrade and adoption programme :   Explorer Road (the link path between Explorer Road and the Green Circular - towards the top end of Explorer Road at the boundary between West End Ward and Lochee Ward – reconstruction), Glamis Road path entrance into Greater Balgay – reconstruction),  Melville Terrace (south footway – reconstruction), Norwood Terrace (north footway – reconstruction), Perth Road (north footway opposite Clovis Duveau Drive and Millbay Gardens/Terrace – reconstruction)

Non-adopted roads/pavements improvements :   Balgay access road into the cemetery (entrance just south of the Dickson Avenue / Glamis Road junction  - resurface),  Polepark Road (paths in the park areas to the east of Polepark Road – reconstruction).

There is a significant issue about the unadopted pavements programme.    The council during last year changed the criteria for these.    My colleague Cllr Craig Duncan and I opposed the change, not because we opposed the principle of looking again at the criteria and extending inclusion to new streets, but because, under the old scheme, indicative streets for future inclusion and improvement had been already made clear up to 2021/22 and were publicly known.

These included pavements in part of Elliot Road near the tennis courts, Rockfield Crescent, south side of Roxburgh Terrace (all provisionally this financial year) and the remote path of Millhall Crescent (numbers 3-11) and Dunmore Gardens pavements (both provisionally 2021/22).     These are now dropped from the programme due to lower priority and we felt strongly that existing priorities to the end of 2021/22 should have been honoured.    We have asked to see the detail of how these streets score in the new system of prioritisation.

As always, happy to discuss the detail of this with residents – just call me on Dundee 459378.