Wednesday, 4 December 2019

House insulation - Logie area - an update #dundeewestend

As residents are aware, I have long campaigned for insulation improvements for the Logie area.  

Logie's properties are a hundred years old next year and, given the conservation status of the estate, cannot benefit from external wall insulation.   

I have therefore been pressing the council to progress internal insulation improvements and discussed this recently with Logie tenants at a residents' meeting I organised at the Lime Street sheltered lounge.

I recently asked the council's Director of Neighbourhood Services for an update on progress and have received the following helpful reply :

"I can confirm that we have completed two pilot installations in the Logie estate and that these have been successful in raising the Energy Efficiency levels to a rating which ensures EESSH* compliance. 

Overall, prior to this pilot, Logie has some 85 out of 120 houses which are compliant with the EESSH standard. 

It is our intention to develop a programme of IWI installation for this estate for the 2021/22 Financial year subject to available resource. This project will benefit tenants only as it is not our intention given the nature of the works involved to offer to owner occupiers.  I can confirm that it would be all (council owned) properties regardless of EESSH 1 compliance.   We are looking ahead towards complying with EESSH 2.

In the meantime we will look at houses in the estate that are not compliant with EESSH at present to establish whether there are short term measures we can carry out in the interim that ensure EESSH compliance until the IWI programme is carried out (this may be as simple as supplying Energy Efficiency Light bulbs).

In terms of other stock that has missed out on the EWI programme the Housing Asset Management Unit are currently developing options for these properties one of which is IWI to individual tenants properties . They will keep you updated on progress with these discussions and any outcomes."

* EESSH = Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.