Thursday 8 August 2019

New service available in Dundee: Family Sustainment Service

The Family Sustainment Service aims to support families in private rented accommodation who are having financial difficulties and have or are at risk of accruing rent arrears. 

The service advises :

"Living with poverty can make family life very hard. Parenting can be stressful and, without financial resources, it can feel like an uphill struggle for our families. When poverty is combined with poor mental health, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol problems, trauma from your own childhood and/or learning disabilities then the ability to hold a family together can feel almost impossible.

Working in partnership with the DWP, Dundee City Council, Shelter and Safe Deposit Scotland, the purpose of this service is to support these families, ensure landlords receive all monies due to them and to ultimately prevent homelessness and the trauma that goes with this."

Further details below :