Thursday, 21 March 2019

Dundee - A Global City

The One World Centre and Lifelong Learning Dundee at the University of Dundee present Dundee    -   A Global City.

The course will be of 5 sessions which will run on Wednesday evenings beginning on Wednesday 17th April from 6.30pm until 8.30pm - then  each Wednesday evening until 15th May  - so  17th April,  24th April, 1st May, 8th May and 15th May.

This programme introduces us to and explores the many and varied contributions that Dundonians have made and are making to our world.  Using stories from the past we will explore the links we have with others around the globe and consider how our lifestyles can contribute to a fairer, more sustainable and peaceful society

* Think Global – Act Local  … 17th April - Sally Romilly and Clare Fulton  - OWC
What is Global Citizenship?   Why has it developed as an idea?   What makes a Global citizen?  What does it mean for the local person in Dundee?    

* Dahka to Dundee….. 24th April - Alastair Scott Dundee Heritage Trust and   Sandra Thompson   

The jute trade unravelled - highlighting Dundee’s fascinating role.

* Dundonians face war – to fight or not to fight? ….. 1st May - Andrew Jeffrey and Sandy Constable

Looking at our different perspectives on war with  Andrew Jeffrey - author of  'This Dangerous Menace: Dundee and the River Tay at War, 1939 to 1945' (1991) - whose stories will shed new light  on how Dundonians faced up to war.    ... and Sandy Constable who shares memories of his father’s relationship to war.

* Dundee women in the World ….  8th May - Mary Henderson, Kate Armstrong and Norma McGovern

Beginning with the ‘four Marys’ we explore the range of Global contributions made by Dundee women.

* Welcoming our new citizens ….. 15th May - Dr Husam Al Waer, senior lecturer in Sustainable Urban Design,   Sally Romilly  and Clare Fulton (OWC)

As Dundee continues to welcome migrants and refugees into the community what are their challenges and our response.

For details from the One World Centre here.