Wednesday 8 August 2018

Friends of Wighton event today

From Sheena Wellington :

Wighton Heritage Centre
Today - Wednesday 8th August - 1.15pm – 1.45pm
Lunchtime Recital with Kirsty Law

For the third of our Year of Young People Lunchtime Recitals we are delighted to welcome the wonderful Kirsty Law.

Kirsty Law is an innovative young vocalist and song-maker based in Edinburgh.   The mainstay of her musical education came from learning Scots ballads and folk songs from tradition bearers such as Sheila Stewart, Cathal McConnell and Margaret Bennett.

Today she draws on this experience in her own composition, often writing in a ‘patchwork’ style, layering and combining original and traditional melodies, poems and text - and incorporating contemporary sounds alongside her rich Scots vocal. Her song ‘Hymn For A Shepherd’ has been mentioned in the Scottish Parliament and she has released two albums and one EP.

Working with artists of different mediums has come to be the lifeblood of her work - performing alongside poets, storytellers and sound artists as well as responding to the work of contemporary visual artists and filmmakers. 
Admission free, but our shiny pink piggybank welcomes donations!