Tuesday 24 July 2018

McGonagall's Walk to be repaired

Following concerns expressed to me by residents that McGonagall’s Walk on Riverside Drive has been damaged during recent flood prevention works, the City Council has given assurances that the walk will be repaired.

The council's City Development Director has now advised me :

“My Officers have investigated the damage to McGonagall's Walk art installation and established that there are seven cracked slabs and damage to one of the words which has removed one of the letters.

The damage to the slabs occurred during the construction of the new seawall.  This has been raised with the contractors and who have advised that they will replace the damaged slabs, including the art work.  The damage to the individual letter was not caused by the contractor and this will be replaced by the Council.”  

I am pleased the walk is to be fully repaired as it is part of the city’s heritage – the work will be completed in the coming months.

McGonagall's Walk  is embedded in the pavement for 150 metres along Riverside Drive west of the V&A at Dundee.   It is includes an inscription of McGonagall's poem, “The Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay.”