Friday 13 April 2018

Recycling changes from next Monday #dundeewestend

I have now spoken with many residents in the areas of the West End affected by the recycling changes from 16th April.

The only parts of the ward unaffected are the streets around the West End Lanes and Perth Road area closest to the lanes as they were in the last phase of the recycling rollout last year and already on the revised recycling arrangements.   

The rest of the West End Ward was covered by the original Phase 1 and 2 recycling rollouts in 2015 so are affected because of the introduction of the Scottish Government's Code of Practice  (in relation to what can be recycled together) so  the household system will change for everyone in Phases 1 and 2,

So from the 16th paper/card = blue bin;  tins/plastics = burgundy bin.    Burgundy bin will no longer be used for glass which will be recycled at neighbourhood "bring" sites and not at a household level.   Along with Bill, I met with environment officers to discuss the siting of the glass “bring sites” – I am anxious that these are sensitively sited away from residents’ homes.   If any of the sites cause complaints or problems after 16th April, the officers assure me that they will be re-sited or removed,

I was pleased to discuss issues with residents at the “drop in” event the council’s Neighbourhood Services held at Blackness Library and happy to discuss the matter further with any resident.

You can read more about the changes here.