Wednesday 7 March 2018

West End recycling changes #dundeewestend

In you live in the areas of either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of the recycling rollout (introduction of current recycling services back in 2015) what you put in your waste and recycling bins is changing - including how often they are collected. 

This affects most of the West End Ward apart from the Perth Road Lanes area which was in Phase 4 (last year – 2017).

The council is making these changes because the Scottish Government's Household Recycling Charter has been introduced and it changes what will go into the blue bin and the burgundy bin. 

Residents affected will have by now received a mailing from the council explaining the changes which are effective from 16th April 2018.     You can read more here.    

You should continue to use your bins as normal until then and the council is running information sessions as indicated below – including at Tesco Riverside and Blackness Library – all welcome!