Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pothole repairs - Dunmore Gardens #dundeewestend

I recently received complaints about the quality of pothole repairs in Dunmore Gardens and therefore asked the Roads Maintenance Partnership to re-inspect these.

I have now received the following response :

'The repairs were inspected and I note that these pothole repairs do not have a film of bond coat painted on the existing road surface prior to filling which will affect the long term adhesion and therefore durability, and I will take this matter up internally.

DCC Actionable Pothole Definition: "A surfacing defect will become actionable when it is greater than 300mm in diameter, the leading edge of a raised or depressed vertical face is proud of the immediately adjacent surfacing by 20mm on footways and 40mm on carriageways."

The material specified for use in carriageway pothole repairs is chosen to suit a depth of 40mm, or greater.  By trying to carry out a repair to a defect of insufficient depth the material sits proud and fretts at the edges as the aggregate within the material cannot fit in the depression once compacted.  If we use smaller aggregate then there is insufficient strength in the material to resist expected vehicular loading.  

Dunmore Gardens, when assessed in comparison to other adopted residential streets throughout the city, is in fair condition and therefore a proposed timescale for resurfacing in year 2020/21 is in my opinion reasonable.'

The road surface is in poor shape and I have made the point that the road needs resurfacing far earlier than this - I will continue to press this matter.