Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Perth Road shopping area - resurfacing #dundeewestend

Many constituents have contacted me regarding the resurfacing of Perth Road's road surface (plus north pavement and new pedestrian crossing) starting at the beginning of the Dundee Holiday Fortnight.

I therefore paste below and update I have received from the council's Roads Maintenance Partnership regarding this :

"Major Road Maintenance Works Perth Road (Hawkhill to Roseangle)

I would like to advise you of major carriageway and footway maintenance works that will have a significant impact on the road / footway network and local businesses in the above area. This notice is given in advance of the letter which will be issued to all effected parties. 

We are planning to resurface Perth Road carriageway from Hawkhill to Roseangle. In conjunction with this work we are planning to resurface the north footway between Hawkhill and Pennycook Lane and carry out further footway works in Pennycook Lane. We are also proposing to replace the pedestrian crossing unit at Union Place.

We anticipate that this will affect businesses greatly during the 4 week programme.

After many discussions and meetings it has been decided to work site hours of 11am to 8pm weekdays and 11am to 6pm Saturdays, no Sunday working is planned in order to give residents some respite from the works.

These arrangements will allow for deliveries and access outwith the above hours although all signing will remain in place for the closure."