Monday, 7 November 2016

Blackness Road at its west end - impending gas work

I have been advised that, further to the recent road closure on Perth Road (between West Park Road and Glamis Road), Scotland Gas Networks confirms that it will be starting work towards the end of November of the stretch of Blackness Road between Glamis Road to Oxford Street.   This does not require a road closure or bus diversions.

Scotland Gas Networks' Team Manager advises :

"The work in Blackness Road forms part of the same policy replacement project as Perth Road which SGN are carrying out under our powers as a statutory undertaker in accordance with the New Roads and Street Works Act .  We are not closing Blackness Road and while we may require to use temporary traffic lights on occasion we are not anticipating any significant problems with traffic.  Bus routes will not be affected.  With regard to gas supplies, affected customers will have their supplies interrupted on occasion by prior arrangement.  This will be during working hours and no overnight interruptions are planned.  For vulnerable customers we are able to provide temporary heating and cooking facilities if necessary.

This section of the job covers Glamis Road to Oxford Street and will carried out in 2 stages with the bulk of work being done on the dates following, and then the Glamis Road junction at a later date along with the works we have in Glamis Road itself.  Our actual start date for Blackness Road will depend on progress in other sections of this project but should be between 28/11 and 9/12.  Duration is more difficult to predict as this will depend on what we find once we start digging but all going well I would hope to be finished here before the Xmas holidays.  Our contractors shut down for the holidays so even if we are not complete the site will be cleared for the festive period."

If any resident has a further query, please do not hesitate to contact me at or on 459378.