Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bus services to the Technology Park - an update

Last week, I updated residents about the problems the recent Xplore Dundee bus changes had made to people working in the Technology Park and the fact that I had contacted the bus company about this - specifically seeking an improvement in evening services.

I was pleased to have been advised by Xplore Dundee management that, following a meeting between Xplore Dundee and HMRC who have over 600 staff working in the Technology Park, the bus company has applied for registration for the following evening services to be re-routed to cover Explorer Road in the Technology Park:
It is hoped to be able to start these services from Monday of next week.   The bus company advises :

"We are aiming for October 26th. Our scheduler is checking daily for the go ahead from the traffic commissioners so once this is received we will implement the change."