Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Road safety outside Harris Academy site, Perth Road - an update

Residents will recall that, back in December, I had a site visit with the City Council’s Chief Executive to the Harris Academy site at Perth Road to look at road safety outside the site during the school rebuilding project.

I had received a number of constituents’ concerns that, with the road narrowed, there is more limited space for vehicles passing each direction on what is a busy bus route and the white lines are no longer in the middle of the road.

I have now had feedback from the City Council’s Head of Transportation following the site visit as follows:
“Whilst technically the lane widths are within the regulations we have agreed to look at repositioning the centre line (so it is centred across the remaining carriageway and the contractor is to investigate the provision of advisory 20 mph signage to encourage people to drive through the area more slowly.

In addition the contractor has agreed to remind all vehicles accessing the site to follow an agreed approach route and signage is in place to deter large vehicles using inappropriate residential streets near by.”
These suggested measures are sensible and I hope the advisory lower speed limit will be introduced given the narrowing of the road at present and the number of construction vehicles exiting and entering the site at this location.