Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blackness Road - buses only entrance/exit at Hawkhill

A number of residents have asked why there continues to be a "buses only" section of Blackness Road, at its junction with Hawkhill.   I raised this matter with the City Council's Head of Transportation, who has responded as follows :

"In response to your query relating to Blackness Road, the principle of having a bus only link at the eastern section of Blackness Road is linked to the function of the Hawkhill Bypass.

It acts as a restriction that prevents general traffic from 'rat running' to avoid the traffic signals at the junction of Bellfield Street. The removal of the bus only section and opening it up to general traffic would undermine the purpose of hawkhill bypass and create additional turning manoeuvres at the Blackness Road / Hawkhill and Blackness Road / Bellfield St / Ure street junctions. This is not desirable as these additional movements could create a road safety problem where one does not exist at present. The most appropriate road for general traffic is Hawkhill bypass and this should be maintained as the main thoroughfare.

The bus only link also ensures that buses are not impeded by general traffic to or from the city centre/ Ninewells and to remove it would send a wrong message in terms of using more sustainable modes of transport. The number 22 uses this bus lane and this service is one of the busiest in the city and any additional delay would impact on National Express Dundee and their journey times."