Friday, 5 March 2010

Paper recycling - Pennycook Lane

Following a resident's recent complaint to me about poor access to the paper recycling facility in Pennycook Lane, I received the following response from Recycling Projects Officer late yesterday :

"In response to a request I believe you had in your office yesterday regarding limited access to paper bins within the Recycling Point on Pennycook Lane, a colleague and I have been out to visit the site this afternoon. We took the opportunity to space out the bins as best as we were able while there, and are satisfied that better access has been achieved.

This site has been in place for several years now, and is a particularly difficult one as the ground where the bins sit is un-pathed and quite muddy. I can imagine that following uplift our operational staff may have difficultly at times in always relocating the bins back to their best position. I will though follow this up with our operational supervisor to ask the crew to pay particular attention to this if they are able."