Monday 5 October 2009

That Freeview retune ...

Last week, TV viewers throughout Scotland were asked to retune their Freeview TVs and boxes to continue receiving all of the channels available in their area.

The retune was required due to an "upgrade" to the service that was supposed to ensure that "Five" became more widely available and to prepare the way for the launch of HD services.

I have had a number of constituents (and a gentleman from Gowrie Park, across the ward boundary into Lochee Ward) contact me to say that the net effect of the retune was the loss of Channel Five! However, if you retune again, Five should reappear.

A new website to help viewers with retuning has been launched at The site includes over 300 instruction manuals, a BBC video on retuning and answers to frequently asked questions - and is really useful.