Thursday, 2 August 2007

Glamis Road

Residents here have pointed out to me the lack of bus shelters in Glamis Road between the Dickson Avenue roundabout at north and the Blackness Road roundabout to the south and, following my contacting the City Council about this, the location has been added to the list of outstanding bus shelter requests. The street here is quite exposed and shelter provision would be a boon.
In my capacity as Planning & Transport Convener, I have recently asked the department to undertake a review of requests for bus shelters. Well over 300 were replaced as part of the SmartBus project (this included the real time information etc) and after this extensive expenditure on new, improved shelters, requests for additional shelters have been put on a waiting list. Having asked for a number of West End sites to be considered for shelters following residents' requests, (and being aware that other councillors have asked for sites in their areas) I am keen to see how the City Council can progress these requests.