Monday 25 June 2007

Ninewells Avenue

A number of residents have contacted me about the change to the traffic restrictions here. I have now received the following feedback from the City Council :
"The double yellow lines were imposed on Ninewells Avenue in 2002 when the main emergency access to the hospital was taken from Ninewells Drive. At this time parking was solid on both sides of the road for its entire length. The main problem was at the approach to Ninewells Drive.

The emergency access is now taken from Tom Macdonald Avenue and consequently the need for the same level of restrictions is not so critical.

While promoting the recently introduced restrictions in Invergowrie Drive it was recognised that as with all restrictions there would be a knock-on effect into surrounding residential streets. We have been particularly concerned about Hillside Terrace and Hillside Drive which both have pedestrian links through to the hospital and nursing college. This concern was heightened with the knowledge that the Wimberley Housing complex was to be redeveloped. Up to 60 vehicles were parking here on a daily basis.

Taking these factors into account it was decided to relax some of the restrictions in Ninewells Avenue. There are no houses fronting the Avenue nor do any have vehicular access from the Avenue. The carriageway is 10 metres wide and in my opinion can cope with parking on both sides with two-way traffic.

The restrictions have only been removed on that length between Ninewells Drive and Glamis Road. That length between Ninewells Drive and Perth Road was not considered because of the bend in the road limiting advance visibility.

I should emphasise that the consequence of not removing these lines would probably have meant that the parking would have moved directly into the residential streets causing even more upset to the residents."